Specialist for sheet metal processing

Processing sheet metal places high requirements in terms of precision and technology – demands we’ve been meeting successfully for two decades. With state-of-the-art equipment and qualified personnel, we process all steel and stainless steel sheets, aluminum and surface-treated sheets. Learn more


Effective processes throughout the project

We can support you in every phase of your project with first-class expertise, an outstanding infrastructure and our system capabilities. The result is high-quality housing solutions that fully meet our customers’ requirements. Learn more

Partner for your supply chain

As an established supplier for housing technology, we are an in-demand partner for leading manufacturers in various industries. Many of our customers rely on our expertise in the integration of our processes in the their supply chains. Learn more

Are you looking for a strong partner for sheet metal processing that can dependably support you in every phase of the project? Talk to us – we’ll find a intelligent solution for your needs! Learn more